Our Company is proud to announce the start of cooperation with PYA Professional Yachting Association . For the first time in Greece PYA GUEST COURSES will take place in Athens. First course dates: 23-27 May 2016. If you are interested send us an email:


We are pleased to announce you that the well – known crew training courses designed by the Professional Yachting Association will be held in Greece for first time.

Our experience in Yacht industry enabled us to organize and deliver training for Stewards/Stewardesses, under the best and vital way for the worldwide yachting market through PYA’s Guest program (Guidelines for Unified Excellence Service Training).

Please find attached our forthcoming PYA courses and the application form in order to book your course, since entries are limited.Our calendar for next PYA courses will be posted shortly in our websites and and they will take place in Piraeus Maritime Training Centre premises, Nr. 40 Leosthenous Str., Piraeus, Attica, Greece.

We would like you to join us and be part of our effort for the upgrade of yacht services in Greece.



Click here for the GUEST© Interior Crew Training & Certification Development route



  • PYA Yacht Interior Introduction module( Duration 3 days )
  • PYA Yacht interior Basic Food Service module (duration 1 day)
  • PYA Yacht Wine, Bartending & Mixology module (duration 1 day)

These short courses provide a solid introduction to your new role as an interior crew member on board a Super Yacht.
The Introduction training platform teaches the basic skills required to ensure that when you take your first position you are bringing some relevant skills and value to the job.
This is a high end industry and there is no room for errors.
Heads of the interior department will not have the time to teach the expected basic skills needed to perform your role as a Junior Stew;
take the initiative and complete some basic training before considering a job in the interior department of a yacht with the GUEST Introduction entry level training.

  • This is an “introduction” to your department and the demographics and hierarchy of the yachting sector.
  • Know what will be expected of YOU in your role within the Interior department.
  • You will learn how to search for employment through crew agents & dockwalking,
  • Help with interview techniques and with your CV.
  • You will learn about personal grooming and presentation and how essential it is to have an attention to detail.
  • You will realize the essence of etiquette, interacting with guests and the different cultures.
  • You will learn the importance of communication, discretion and your role as part of a team.
  • Seamanship and safety, the variety of service techniques, laundry services and professional ironing, housekeeping and the value of the materials, surfaces, tableware and the priceless artifacts you will be charged with preserving and cleaning.
  • F&B service, table setting & decoration ,flower presentation.
  • You will learn  bartending & mixology skills, world of wine, regions and grapes of the world relevant to yacht industry, the proper wine service, Spirits and cocktails.