Crude Oil Washing Operation


Crude oil is a diverse substance and its grade has its own particular characteristics and may be classified as sweet (low sulphur), sour (high sulphur), light , medium or heavy, or highly volatile (eg crude condensates and reconstituted crudes). There are, however, two particular crude types which require special consideration when handling.

The main properties of crude oil that need to be considered when handling and storing are:

  • Density
  • vapour pressure
  • flash point
  • pour point
  • wax content
  • cloud point
  • viscosity
  • basic sediments and water
  • sulphur content
  • benzene content

Α certificate is issued to all who are qualified in Crude Oil Cargo operation Programme in accordance to the requirements of Reg. 9 MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX 1.