ISPS Internal Auditor Course

The Aim of this course is to provide a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to Internal Audits that allows ship or office personnel to carry out the duties prescribed by IMO.


On the completion of the ISPS Internal Auditors Course, participants will be able to:

  • explain the purpose of security management systems
  • define terms used in auditing
  • identify the sections of ISPS Code for auditing
  • describe a general Ship/Port Facility Security Plan (SSP/PFSP)
  • identify risk assessment/management
  • explain the purpose and benefits of internal audits
  • identify the important factors when preparing an audit schedule
  • prepare an internal audit checklist
  • conduct audit interviews and examine documents to obtain objective evidence
  • prepare a statement of nonconformity
  • identify corrective and preventive action
  • prepare and present verbal and written audit report
  • carry out follow-up audits

All those completing this course will be qualified to carry out ISPS Code Internal.