Manoeuvring and Ship Handling With Bridge Simulator

Manoeuvring a ship is an art which when coupled with scientific principles leads to a complete mastery of the subject. Traditional education does not address the practical aspects of ship handling.

Course Objective
Participants will use a full-mission ship manoeuvring simulator installed on the fourth floor of this training centre so that they will:

  • enhance their understanding of the effects on the behaviour of the ship, of wind, current, shallow waters, banks, narrow channel, condition of loading and apply the knowledge gained, for correct use of engines, helm and other available resources during ship manoeuvring.
  • be able to proactively participate as members of an efficient Bridge Team using correct Bridge Procedures and respond effectively to changing circumstances and contingencies.
  • gain a better understanding of the Bridge Resource Management principles stated in STCW section B-VII/2

Those who have completed this course a documentary evidence is issued which certifies that the trainee was found qualified in Bridge Recourse Management.