Risk Assessment – Risk Management

The Aim of this course is to provide a structured view of risk assessment and management for personnel new to the subject.

The objectives of the course are to ensure the participant:

  • Knows and understands the objectives of risk management
  • Knows the five parts of risk management
  • Understands the control options
  • Defines hazard and risk
  • Understands the concept of severity
  • Understands the concept of likelihood
  • Demonstrates a risk assessment on an operation
  • Understands the concept of pre-control and control risk
  • Understands the matrix concept of risk
  • Understands the qualitative terms of risk
  • Understands the benefits of risk assessment and risk management

After a satisfactory completion of the course the trainee is provided with the certificate of attendance of this course based in par. 1.2.2 of Part A of ISM Code [ (Res. MSC 273(85) IMO as amended] and the Code of Safe Working Practice for Merchant Seamen (MCA)