Ships Cook Training

This course is to give effect to the provisions of the following International Labour Conventions:

  • Food and Catering (Ships’ Cook) Convention, 1946
  • and Certification of Ships’ Cooks Convention, 1946.

(1) To provide individuals with an understanding of the duties of a cook associated with the marine environment on board ships.
(2) To provide adequate training for developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve success and gainful employment as a ships’ cook.


The course covers the following subject/training modules:

  • Qualification and Attitude in the Profession
  • Observing Personal Hygiene
  • Food Safety, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Observing Catering Health and Safety Practices
  • Protecting Marine Environment/ Waste Segregation Management
  • Working within multi-cultural and religious environment
  • Perform maintenance and sanitation of galley equipment and facility
  • Perform stock control

After completing the course the candidates should be able to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude for the respective units of basic, common and core competencies intended for the Ship’s Cook