Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting


The course provides training in the basic theory and use of radar for officers in charge for Deck Officers in charge of navigational operations. It is based in the guidance on training in radar observation and plotting and In the operational use of ARPA in section B-I/12 of STCW2010 .
This course also covers the recognition of critical targets, the measurement of bearings and distances, and the use of these for fixing the ship’s position and maintaining a plot of the movement of other ships as an aid to collision avoidance. Exercises in the application of the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea(COLREG) make use of the resulting plots.

On successful completion of the course and assessments, a certificate is issued certifying that the holder has successfully completed a course of training which meets or exceeds the level of knowledge and competence specified in table A-II/1 of STCW.